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Sex Change Girl 1 - Danielle Foxxx

Danielle Foxxx in her first release since her sexchange!
See Danielle take on the biggest cocks and loving each inch!

Danielle Foxxx
Victoria Di Prada

Runtime: 2+ hours
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While in my 5 years of porn I have acquired a few stalkers and this guy was very lucky I wasn't packing heat any longer (. As I chat with my girlfriend on the phone I get a private call and the chase begins. I finally get cornered and put out only to wake up in a dirty storage closet. He fucks me down so hard, sweats all over me and stuffs me with his cock only to leave me with a face full of his anonymous sperm !

I am TGirl curious I decided to bring in a strap on for Victoria and I to have some fun with. I don’t miss my cock at all and I love being able to put one on when I am in a dominant mood, that being with a man or a woman, and trust me… she takes a hard one

When I am hungry for cock nothing satisfies me except a good throat job to a huge cock, and Maui always hits the spot with his 9 thick inches, stuffing it down my throat and giving my pussy a good stretch.

mmmm,  I  like sucking cock at weird places like this dirty public bathroom in some old train station in L.A. For some reason I always end up in strange situations like discovering a big cock out of a glory hole. Hmmm... let me give these cock s and guys a special Danielle style treat!

I met this black stallion on the street as I made my way up to the studio to shoot a solo, so decided to invite him up and join me. I watched him walk down the street as his 10" swung in his gym shorts - My Weakness - Big cocks in Gym Shorts. Billy stretched the shit out of my pussy and throat with that dark heavy piece of meat, then shot a huge load all over my face.
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